Released: September 20, 2015

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Summary: Barrett Greyson continues to try and make his way back home to Colorado to see his dying father, but Randy and his mother have other plans for him. Sergeant Jackson has found himself caught in the middle of DEA Agent Delia DeMarco’s disappearance as well as a cocaine ring and a murder no one is supposed to know he committed. DeMarco’s twin brother, Agent Chase Sheehan, has made his way to Gable, Iowa, to find his sister. During his search he gets way more than he bargained for. In the meantime, Claire and Maddison are both dealing with white lies and the small fortune that got away as well as two more missing persons: Chum and Fast Eddie. The story picks up where it left off in Grey Areas 2: Ghosts of Winter and railroads ahead with each page turn, leading to an ending that you will not see coming.