Released: April 23, 2015

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Summary: After fleeing Gable, Iowa, amidst a mess of controversy and murder, Henry Fields/Barrett Greyson now finds himself closing in on Canada in an attempt to start over once again. The people he left behind in Iowa and his home state of Colorado are struggling with their own inner demons as the FBI and DEA try to pick up the pieces regarding the murder of Henry/Barrett’s boss, Otto Clevinger, and the drug muling of Tom Chumansky. While the frigid winter weather moves through the country, Henry/Barrett soon finds himself being pulled in a direction he assumed he’d never go again. But things don’t work out as planned for Henry/Barrett. When his goals become comprised, he finds himself in another struggle to keep both his freedom and his life. Grey Areas 2: Ghosts of Winter brings more suspense, thrills, and action than ever before.