Released: December 29, 2015

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This collection contains ALL 4 BOOKS in the Grey Areas Serial:

* Grey Areas

* Grey Areas 2: Ghosts of Winter 

* Grey Areas 3: The Wrong Side of Right 

* Grey Areas 4: Smoke and Mirrors & White Lies 

“What would you do?” is a question you’ll be asking yourself over and over again throughout Grey Areas – The Saga (Books 1-4).

Henry Fields arrives in Gable, Iowa, there is nothing suspicious about the young man. After finding a job and a place to live, he quickly establishes himself as the friendly and reliable “new guy.” Local hometown girl Claire Mathison discovers an irresistible attraction to Henry despite him being elusive about his past. But major trouble begins to brew one night and it soon becomes unclear whether Henry Fields is part of the problem or the solution.

Filled with psychological drama, suspense, and thrills, Grey Areas – The Saga will take you on a journey of good and bad, right and wrong, and life and death. Yes, people make mistakes. But sometimes those mistakes have a far greater reach of consequences than anyone could’ve anticipated.