Released: February 6th, 2017

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How far would you go to eliminate a threat to your business?

Is there anything you wouldn’t do to help your best friend of thirty years?

Moving back to his hometown of Silver Hollow, South Dakota, gives Oscar the opportunity to reconnect with Doug, his childhood friend.

He soon becomes fascinated with Doug’s home brewed beers and, when Doug finds himself unemployed, convinces him to open a craft brewery with Oscar’s financial backing. But the area already has a brewery and its owner is not pleased to have competition.

Although married, Oscar insists Doug move in to his guest room while the brewery takes off. This puts a strain on Oscar’s already rocky marriage and his wife does not hold back her frustration.

After the brewery’s successful grand opening, the two friends continue to learn about each other and the stress of running a business. Their sole employee appears to be a valuable addition, but his character is soon called into question.

As the tension mounts, will Oscar and Doug’s bond wind up crossing a line that changes their relationship forever?

Trust and loyalty clash with deceit and revenge as author Brad Carl explores the depths of friendship and business in his latest novel, Craft Beer Burning.