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Brad Carl is a former radio personality who still earns part of his living with his big mouth by using it for voiceover work. Growing up in the Midwest, Brad was influenced at an early age by the Hardy Boys book series. Reading and writing would continue to be a passion of his for many years. In high school and college, though, Brad found being forced to read text books and write papers was more work than fun. This turn-off would lead him away from writing for many years.image

He would still find time to read an occasional book from an author he enjoyed such as David Baldacci, James Patterson, or Clive Cussler. But a few years ago, the creative bug bit Brad hard and he began to write again. Many of the manuscripts are still on a shelf or being worked on, including some short stories, a web series, and a sitcom pilot.

While not necessarily a lover of words – especially not big ones – Brad has always been fond of telling a story. The main inspiration for his fiction debut, Grey Areas – The Saga, was the new wave of popular cable television series like Dexter, Breaking Bad, and Sons of Anarchy. All four installments in the Grey Areas serial bring readers plenty of psychological drama, thrills, and twists.

What can one expect from Brad Carl’s books? You’ll find a quick pace that provides just enough detail to allow the reader to paint their own picture. You’ll also be entertained by expressive dialogue that brings the characters to life, helping the story breathe with believability.

A life-long lover of music and pop culture, Brad also published a great coffee table book titled 50 Songs From The 70s & 80s That Still Hold Up.

Besides writing books and producing voicework, Brad is also a successful businessman in the textile and packaging industry. He currently resides in Kansas City, MO with his wife, Kristi, and daughter, Presley. The family also has a dog (Ali).

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