Klassik ’78
Side One – EP


If you know me you know I’m a KISS fan. And if you’re a KISS fan and you haven’t heard about this interesting album, you need to check it out!

Klassik ’78 is a group of KISS fans who recorded the Side One – EP as a tribute to the iconic musical style and influence of 70’s-era KISS, While the 6 original tracks do an incredible job of capturing KISS’s magical sound from the late 70’s, the hooks are a little weak, giving the album more of a B-side feel. That said, it’s still probably the best KISS album since 1992’s Revenge. Not only are the vocals spot-on but the title, subject matter, and mood of each song fit perfectly with the singer: “Please ‘n Tease” (Gene Simmons), “Mean Business” (Peter Criss), “Streetwise” (Ace Frehley), “Passion & Love” (Paul Stanley). Bravo, gentlemen. Well done.

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