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I know it’s been a long time but my new novel has finally arrived:

Craft Beer Burning – CLICK HERE

“Moving back to his hometown of Silver Hollow, South Dakota, gives Oscar the opportunity to reconnect with Doug, his childhood friend. Oscar soon convinces Doug to open a craft brewery, but the area already has one and its owner is not pleased to have competition.

As the tension mounts, will Oscar and Doug’s bond wind up crossing a line that changes their relationship forever?

Trust and loyalty clash with deceit and revenge as author Brad Carl explores the depths of friendship and business in his latest novel, Craft Beer Burning.”


“Craft Beer Burning is a slice-of-life thriller with a microbrewery aficionado touch. As with Carl’s other work, the novel concentrates heavily on the characters and their relationships with the others. Human to the core, they are flawed…” – Made in DNA ★★★★★

“Craft Beer Burning by Brad Carl is definitely a must read. I’ve read all of Brad Carl’s books and this is the best so far. I love it!” – Coco ★★★★★

“Got an early version in return for an honest review. Great read! Couldn’t put it down. So many surprise twists kept it interesting. I highly recommend this book!” – Amazon Customer ★★★★★

“Once I got into the book, I couldn’t put it down. It has a lot of suspense and a few twists that I didn’t see coming. Another good book from Brad!” – Mary Parker ★★★★★

“I always enjoy the books this author puts out. With the popularity of breweries lately, Brad Carl has delved into the beer industry in an interesting way.” – P.S. Winn ★★★★★

“The latest book from Brad Carl is once again interesting, insightful and has enough twists to keep your interest piqued from the very start.” – Ken D ★★★★★

This was a hard one to write. I honestly don’t know why, though. It took me forever. I obsessed over it. I was nervous about it – still am. But so far, the reviews have been great! I hope you like it, too. So please go get it now:

Craft Beer Burning – CLICK HERE – AMAZON
Craft Beer Burning – CLICK HERE – BARNES & NOBLE
Craft Beer Burning  – CLICK HERE – iTunes

When you’ve finished reading, please don’t forget how important leaving a review is to independent authors. Even if it’s one sentence – I hope you will help me out. It would truly mean a lot to me!

Enjoy Craft Beer Burning!



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