This is a revised blog post about Twitter mistakes that originally appeared on my website several years ago.

As Twitter continues to gain momentum in the world it’s important for people to understand how to use it properly so everyone can enjoy the benefits of this fascinating social medium. Here are five common Twitter mistakes thousands of people are making each day on the social medium. Are you making any of them?

Not Tweeting
I used to send out a tweet occasionally that stated: “Twitter doesn’t work if you don’t tweet…” Well, there’s a reason I used to do that. I’m often shocked at the number of folks using Twitter primarily for business and yet they tweet once every few days or less. It just doesn’t work like that. Social Media is for – yes, socializing! You’ve got to be regularly active on Twitter to make it work. If you’re not doing this, you’re guilty of one of the bigger Twitter mistakes.

Not Following Back
Unless you’re extremely famous, there aren’t many good reasons not to follow people back on Twitter if they’re active. In fact, when you don’t follow someone back you’re telling that person you’re too good for them. Sorry, but it’s true. Don’t get me wrong. There are times when you shouldn’t follow someone back, but that’s for a future blog entry.

TrueTwit Validation
I know I’m not alone with my opinion on this one because I’ve read many other blogs with the same thoughts. TrueTwit Validation Service – really!? You are using an automated bot to avoid automated bots. Oxymoron? Oh yeah. There’s nothing more annoying than following someone you think you share interests with only to receive a Direct Message forcing you to go through more steps to be able to follow them. It’s ridiculous. These people don’t seem to have a clue how to use Twitter and will more than likely never interact with me. This is why I always ignore the DM request and move on.

No Interaction
I completely understand automating some tweets. I do it, too. But when all I see in your timeline are links to your blog posts, it’s an early warning sign you might not be interacting with me much in the near future. In fact, a lot of these cases are people who are only using Twitter to try and drive traffic to their blog. There’s nothing wrong with using Twitter as a tool to get people to read your material. But there are other facets of Twitter you also need to be using to garner attention and establish relationships. Again, it’s Social Media, folks. Not Me-Media. Interact with people. That’s what it’s all about!

Automated Direct Messages
Last, but certainly not least –
how about those automated DM’s after you follow someone? Is there anything more annoying? It has become the new version of email spam – no one takes it seriously. This is absolutely not the way to interact with people. I received an automated direct message recently from someone I had followed that stated “Thank you for the follow. I look forward to learning more about you.” She never followed me back! How is she going to learn more about me if my tweets aren’t showing up in her timeline?

I could probably go on for several more pages about annoying Twitter behavior (and I’m certainly no Twitter saint), but these five rank at the top for me. What other annoying mistakes are you witnessing on Twitter?


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