AspirinI finally made a big decision today on something I have been considering for quite some time now. Well, it was a big decision for me, anyway.

Put simply, I decided to shelf a project I have been struggling with for months in favor of one that I expect will get completed much easier.

I am aware that some famous authors have said it’s not supposed to be easy to write a book or tell the story that’s inside you. While I don’t disagree, I also believe there’s a fine line between working hard and being stymied.

What went wrong with me in this situation?

For starters, I ended 2015 in a mad rush to complete Grey Areas – The Saga. When I was finally done, I took a break. It didn’t really seem like much of a break, but it certainly was compared to the work I had been doing. While noodling around with my next novel, I also got sidetracked with some short story projects. Before I knew it, I was working on two projects at once. Then I realized how busy my editor was getting and that I needed to lock down a date for her to begin working on something of mine.

The weeks went by. I had a deadline. My initial plan had been to complete the novel and turn it in to my editor. But the book was coming out of me very…very…very…slowly. And I could also tell that the manuscript was going to need a major overhaul in the form of a second draft before I could even consider sending it to my editor.

I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it.

Every time I glanced at my word count, goals, and deadlines in Scrivener, I swallowed a little harder.

It wasn’t looking good.

Last night it finally occurred to me that I did, indeed, need to make the switch. Today I have officially put the novel to rest temporarily and am instead jumping back into the short story project. While I have less of this completed, it will be a shorter project overall. The deadline should not be a problem.

Why am I telling you this?

One reason:

I want to let you know this is okay for you to do, too, if you find yourself in a similar situation. It’s okay to change gears. If something doesn’t feel right, go to something that does. And honestly, be sure to do it sooner than I did.

In general, it’s probably not a good idea to work on more than one project at a time, especially when you’ve got a self-imposed deadline. In this case, though, I’m glad I was.

Bottom line? You always have choices. Do what works best for you – and own it. (“Like a boss” I believe is what the kids say these days.)


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