David_Bowie-06I’m a crazy music fan. I’m so weird that I’m actually paying attention to which albums have been released in 2016 and which ones I think are solid.

There was a time in my life when I thought everyone did this, but apparently I was wrong. So instead I’m doing the work for you. And that’s why I’m writing this: I want to help the less fortunate.

David Bowie – Blackstar
Bowie died right after this final album was released (and two days after turning 69.) It’s different, but isn’t that we would expect? It’s definitely worth a listen to give one of the greatest artists of our time his due diligence.

Danko Jones – Live at Wacken
If you’re not already familiar with Danko Jones this might not be the place to start. But if you like driving hard rock, sarcasm, and general tough guy-ness, you need to get onboard with DJ.

Last in Line – Heavy Crown
Cancer survivor Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard) and Vinnie Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath) have a band and it ain’t too bad. If you like hard rock/metal, this is worth a listen.

The Record Company – Give it Back To You
Straightforward rock, raw, and blues influenced. These guys just seem to have something. Here, listen for yourself.

Matthew Logan Vasquez – Solicitor Returns
Delta Spirit’s lead singer had an EP out in to 2015 that really grabbed my attention, especially the opening track “Austin” clocking in at almost 18 minutes. The full-length is strong, too.

Loretta Lynn – Full Circle
I can’t listen to Loretta Lynn’s voice these days without hearing Jack White singing “Portland, Oregon” with her. Sure it’s “country,” but it’s Loretta Lynn and she’s so much more than a music genre.

Desert Mountain Tribe – Either That Or The Moon
I believe I owe Spotify’s Discovery section for introducing me to DMT. They had one song that I bookmarked so when their album came out I was notified by the music service. Otherwise I’m not sure I’d even know it was out. I really like this one, lots! There’s just something about the way the guitar work and lead vocals work together. At times the guitar even resembles U2.

Bob Mould – Patch The Sky
If you don’t know who Bob Mould is it might be good to do some research on Husker Du and Sugar. Mould even appeared on the Foo Fighters “Wasting Light” record in 2011. His solo music is always smooth and easy to appreciate. He does not make “bad” records.

Night Moves – Pennied Days
Another band (this one, a duo) with interesting vocals, I first became a fan when their previous album came out. (Colored Emotions, 2012) Much like Desert Mountain Tribe, Night Moves creates music that’s difficult to compare to anything else.

White Denim – Stiff
Every Friday (previously every Tuesday) I enjoy scrolling through the new music selections on iTunes Music Store. Recently, something made me stop on this one and listen to some samples. If you haven’t notice yet, I’m pretty bad at describing music. Bluesy, soulful, retro sounding rock. Does that work okay? Oh here…this will work better.


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